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December 27th 
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The Fuji Declaration's 5th anniversary celebration Online Global Event!

Uplifting. Inspiring. Empowering.

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You know you feel it. Different. Strange. You've heard it before: The World has Changed. It's a bit like stage-fright; suddenly hurled onto the stage of life with a new set, stripped of our old costumes, thrust into a new storyline before we even see the rewrite. And now we have to improvise. Or do we?

The Fuji Declaration states that infinite potential – our Divine Spark – dwells within every human being as part of a living, boundless Universe. Ervin Laszlo explains that Source belongs to everyone and every being ongoing. It is our resource for guidance and reconnecting to it is our true source of comfort and power. Our Source. It is the very fabric of the Cosmos we are expressions of – and at this poignant time of reckoning, Source is now beckoning.


When everything we've relied upon “out there” is crumbling ... when every reassurance we sought “out there” is dissolving ... how to access the guidance of something we can't even see, touch, taste, or hear?

By learning to switch gears – from eyesight to insight, from listening to discerning, from feeling to sensing – the answers to our existential questions become clearer: Who are we and why are we here?

Please join us for a gentle Call to turn the Compass Inward, to cull its comforts, to share the TLC and spread That virally ...


The Event


Join us for 4 days / 2 weekends in October to turn words into actions ... to seize a golden global moment of opportunity and discover our magnificent Source of Wonder (of One-der) ... to kindle harmonious transition to this new storyline with an esteemed international group of Change-makers, Game-changers, Creatives, and Eye-openers from multiple sectors (Consciousness, Education, Economy, Environment, Health, Science, The Arts, etc.).

Their unique essence and effervescence will talk us, dance us, sing us, laugh us, and artistically express us into our new realms of living, being, feeling ... and ignite our Divine Spark on this wonderful journey to discover our Source of Wonder!



The Speakers

Musical Acts & Performers

Reconnecting to the source

The Hosts

The Source of Wonder is hosted by Masami & Hiroo Saionji of the Goi Peace Foundation and Ervin Laszlo of the Club of Budapest—the three co-initiators of the Fuji Declaration. The Fuji Declaration was launched five years ago at the base of Japan’s majestic Mt. Fuji, to call upon every citizen to ignite the divine spark in their heart.


This led Ervin Laszlo to publish his book Reconnecting to The Source which recounts personal experience from many who have tapped their Source of Wonder and sparked their divine reconnection. And now, amidst tremors of worldwide upheaval amongst Leadership and Citizenship, another ship sets sail ... for the still waters of a new and deeply inspired destination for All: Within.

The time is NOW for every one of us to awaken the Divine Spark that resides in our heart and bring forth our innate love, compassion, wisdom and joy to co-create a healthy and flourishing world for all.  

Source of Wonder

In Alphabetical Order

From those Internationally Acclaimed you may already be familiar with to Newcomers, these architects for change are here to inspire your own divine spark — and become “spark-itechts” for change in a new role on this dynamic new Stage of Life!


Unlike traditional online events with guest speakers and moderator, the presenters have been invited to creatively express themselves ‘differently’ through personal stories, poems, prayers and meditation, artwork, musical performance and other creative ways.

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Thank you for joining us!

We look forward to seeing you at the Source of Wonder online event

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Thank You!

Source of Wonder

This is a challenging time. We extend our heartfelt thanks to the formidable Speakers who generously gave of themselves amidst hurdles with wildfires and the pandemic, from across the miles. 


And heartfelt thanks to You, dear Viewers, for whom these and many other challenges make giving of your time to tune in all the more valuable.

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